Birdwatching in Reno

Getting away from the city to see the Nevada wildlife.
Article courtesy of Rob Lobitz,

Visiting Reno isn't only about finding the best hotels and casinos in the area. Reno is rich with wildlife and there is an active birdwatching community that is alive and well here in the community. If you are on a holiday to Reno and want to get away from the hectic bustle where money is king and everything else is secondary, there are some fantastic places to go for birdwatching. Leave your fancy cockatoo cage behind and get ready to experience the real world again by watching wild birds soar.

Here is a list of the best birdwatching areas around Reno:

  • Carson Lake Wetlands
  • Carson River Ranches
  • East Truckee Meadows
  • Fort Churchill Road
  • Galena Creek Regional Park
  • Honey Lake
  • Mason Valley
  • Oxbow Nature Study Area
  • Peavine Peak
  • Pyramid Lake
  • Rancho San Rafael Regional Park
  • Sierra Valley and Yuba Pass
  • Spooner Lake
  • Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge
  • Swan Lake Nature Study Area
  • Tahoe Meadows and Upper Ophir Creek
  • Verdi
  • Virginia Lake
  • Washoe Valley

If you head out to Honey Lake you may be able to catch a glimpse of a Ferruginous Hawk, a White-faced Ibis, a Greater Sage-Grouse, an Acorn Woodpecker or a Mountain Bluebird. Head over to Tahoe Meadows if you want to see a Hermit Warbler, an American Dipper, or a Pygmy Nuthatch. You might get lucky and see a Red Breasted Sapsucker or a Williamson's Sapsucker over at Spooner Lake.

To get a complete list of birdwatching areas in the Reno vicinity there is an Audubon Society here that you can contact. There is quite an active membership belonging to this Society, where all the materialism blows up in smoke and the real world gets confronted. The parrot, cockatiel or cockatoo cage is left behind in the city, with the birds left inside them, in search of real wildlife that is still very much a part of the Reno Nevada geography.

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