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Boring people from 35 miles so. of Seattle, to be continued

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PostPosted: Jan Sun 01, 2006 9:39 am    Post subject: Boring people from 35 miles so. of Seattle, to be continued Reply with quote

Before I begin describing our trip I should put a few warnings down.

1. We are boring people, we aren't the avid gamblers so there won't be much written about that.
2. We don't expect much out of our trips. I don't mean this in the negative way but in the way that we tend to look at things in a positive light.
3. I love detail. It is always the little things I look for in other reports. Little known facts etc. because of that that is the way I write.
4. We went with another couple which means all my research and my list of things I wanted to do got narrowed down to almost nothing.
5. We aren't the best people to go on vacation with because we are the go go go type.

We left for Reno Wednesday afternoon from our house (about 35 miles south of Seattle) by car. We stopped in Ashland Oregon to pick up the other couple that we were going with. They would be transporting their 69 Mach 1. It wasn't registered with Hot August Nights but since we were going to be down there at the time our friend Dan thought he would take it so he could have some fun too.

The plan had been for us to spend the night in Ashland, get up bright and early the next morning and be on the road by 9am. Of course, those of you who have traveled with other people probably realize that plans have a way of shifting. Tony and I were up at 7 and ready to go by 8. Dan and Carrie had some errands that needed to be ran before we left (I'm thinking oh gawd we won't be out of here until noon at this rate.) and while I wanted to find a Bank of America Dan assured me that he knew where one was and we could hit it on the way out. Turns out he really didn't. But we did find one and needless to say we were on the road by 11 not noon.

We pull into Reno somewhere around 4pm. We were surprised by Reno. I don't know what it was we had visualized but it wasn't what was expected. I was pleased to see that the blocks were actual blocks and it was all compact. It became a little bit of a mess trying to get to The Sands as we had the directions and Dan whom we were following didn't. So we didn't take the right exit. But we made it! Check in was painless and we discovered right away that there were some nice staff and some not so nice staff. But, my thought was maybe it was the end of their shift. They did have extra parking for Dan's truck and trailer. And a special area for the classic cars that was secured (ok there was a security guard posted at entrance). After settling the cars we headed up to our rooms. We were on the 14th floor in the regency tower (middle one). The rooms were good size and clean. The bathroom to me was huge. The only complaint I have and it is about any hotel bathroom is that there is no fan. Our room looked over the parking lot and pool area and when they had their Friday night party at the pool we could hear the music from our room. It was then decided we needed dinner (prime rib please!). We walked over to the Silver Legacy and had their buffet. I think the name was the Victorian Buffet but I'm not positive. It is directly across from the Captain Morgan Bar. It was scrumptious. It was only $14.95 and it had the prime rib. The food was all fresh and they had so many other dishes to choose from that even if we only took a bite from each one we would have had to waddle out of there. The desserts were something else and we each had something different so we could sample more than one. After dinner we went outside to watch the Cruz. The paint job alone on some of those cars are worth more than my car and I have a newer car! After about a half an hour we went into Circus Circus and found some machines to play on. Great drink service. I would just be finishing up and she would be back around. Of course with the fantastic drink service comes the impaired vision. After a "few" tequila sunrises. I ended up losing (is it losing when you know where it went?) my original $20 (big spender I know) on an I dream of Jeannie machine but it kept me playing for almost 2 hours. We regrouped and went to the arcade to wander around and watch one of the circus acts. By that time Carrie was ready to head back to our hotel because she didn't want to drink unless she was close to her room. We walked back over to The Sands grabbed a couple of machines and tried to catch a cocktail. Ended up buying the first round from the bar. Then the waitress found us and she was a kick. Very friendly and once we were on her radar she kept them coming. She made me laugh when Carrie moved to a different machine about 10 steps away and when she came back with our order I pointed her in Carrie's direction. The waitress told her that if she didn't come back to the original machine then she was going to get to drink the drink. Can I just say the Sands Machines SUCK?!?! It took all of my daily budget. I don't like how they have multi denomination machines and I really don't like 20 line machines. Tony asked if I would like to go to another casino and I wasn't sure but then I thought it was after midnight I can get into the next day gambling budget. We happened to run into Dan and Carrie (we thought they had gone to bed a half hour earlier). They were going to go cruising. I said we were going to go Casino hopping. We all ended up cruising to the Peppermill. Before someone says we shouldn't drink and drive Dan the driver had been drinking diet coke all night. Now, I don't know how many of you have ever sat in the back of a Mach 1 but for those of you who haven't...unless you are under 5 feet tall Don't! Carrie is a skinny 5'9" and I loved her comment...She said "you know having my knees up to my chin sure takes the pressure off of my lower back." As for me, I am 5'6" with chub and all I could visualize during the ride was how was I ever going to get out of this car. I came to the conclusion that it was going to be my new address. We get to the peppermill and after assessing the situation my loving husband decided that yanking me out of the car was to be the best plan. Not the classiest way to get out of a car but it worked.

The Peppermill is HUGE! We got in there and all went different directions and it took a long time to find each other again. I felt very comfortable in this casino. I loved the color schemes and decor. Not that I would decorate my house like that but it was still nice. We were stupid and didn't sign up for the players cards. I can't emphasize this enough, sign up for the players card!!! Drink service here is good too, though by that time I was done drinking, but the waitress came around at least once every 15 minutes. We also later found out that there is an upstairs called Nickel Heaven or something like that. I never saw it but then again I know I never saw the whole downstairs of the casino. I really am grateful I was in control of all my mental facilities by this time because the place is so overwhelming. Anyway I ran through some more money on different machines and was ready to give up for the night/morning when Tony and I ran into each other. He handed me some money since machines were being nicer to him (a theme throughout the weekend). I sat down at a WOF game and the next thing I knew I had tripled my money in less than 20 minutes. I asked Tony to go find Dan and Carrie and let them know they could head back to the Sands without us. He was concerned on how we would get back. I told him a cab. It should be ok it isn't like Vegas there probably isn't a way they can really screw with us. I would eat those words. After letting Dan and Carrie know our plans he headed over to a craps table to try his luck. The verdict is Peppermill is a good place to play craps. At three he came back to get me so we could go have breakfast. The Cafe in the Peppermill has a great special. From midnight to 5am any breakfast on the menu is $5.99. This includes the steak breakfast that is normally $12.95.
After a great breakfast with great service we went outside to get a cab. The driver seemed like a really nice guy. He regaled us with stories of some other people he had just met from Seattle. BUT he took us the long way to get to our hotel. While the streets were a little messed up because of closures due to hot august nights Tony had told him to take a left on this one street because we knew it was open since that is how we originally got to our hotel. But cab driver insisted on taking a right. It took us at least 3 miles out of the way. Tony called him on it and he apologized but at that point there was nothing that could be done about it. I am not sure how much a normal cab ride from the Peppermill to the Sands should be but ours was $13.00. After he dropped us off we walked around all the cool cars drooling ah, I mean dreaming that one day we would have something other people could drool, umm...dream over.

We finally dragged ourselves into bed somewhere close to 5. Tony had to be up and meet Dan by 8 so they could go do the car thing. With the plan being they would come get us girls around noon.

To be continued......
"Sometimes a sigh says it all." ~Eeyore
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