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Who's with Tony?, part 1

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PostPosted: Jan Sun 01, 2006 9:40 am    Post subject: Who's with Tony?, part 1 Reply with quote

Friday Morning.....

Tony gets up at 7:30 gets ready, wakes me up for some instructions to give Dan if he calls. Yeah yeah I get it, I will tell him, now let me get back to sleep. He no sooner leaves and Dan calls to say he is running late. I pass on message that Tony will be at craps table. Half hour later he calls again. He can't find Tony. Now I realize you all don't know me and you probably can't tell from my writing but I am a smart A$$. So as I am half asleep and all I am really hearing out of Dan is blah blah blah I said why don't you just have him paged? He waits a half a beat and tells me to shut up (we have been good friends for years so no offense is taken) and in the same breath says he found him. uh huh good for you.

Like I said in the first installment the plan had been that the guys would go do the car stuff until noon and then come and get us girls. It wasn't even 11 and Tony scared me by tripping on something in the room. We were both surprised that I was still asleep as I don't sleep when on vacation. Too much to see Too much to do, I don't want to waste a minute.

Turns out we had already wore out Dan and Carrie and they decided to forgo having lunch with us and would just like to lounge around. Tony and I walked over to The Nugget to get the Awful Awful. On the walk we did pass the mission and there were men out and about but I have to tell you the times we passed by no one asked us for money or harassed us. It was actually a weird feeling because when we go into Seattle we are always approached. Anyway onto the Awful Awful. I could have ate there all week as they had so many things I wanted to try. The line was long but the service was quick. While I waited in line to get the burger Tony went to the bar and got us the 32oz Margarita in a souvenir plastic cup for $4.00 each. Our order came up and we were able to snag a table. That was one great burger and really it is something you can split as we didn't finish either of ours and most of the fries went to waste. It was interesting how they season the fries with garlic salt as that is what I use to cook with and I had never thought to use it for that purpose. We decided to play there for awhile as co-workers had said it was a lucky place for them. We played the I dream of Jeannie progressive machines. Tony did really well and was able to cash out ahead. As for myself, I made a donation. Some of the machines in there you are only able to get your money out by an attendant which is a little embarrassing if you only have 2 or 3 dollars left. Hence the reason I went ahead and donated the whole amount. While we were there the cell phone went off. It was Dan letting us know they had switched rooms and were now on the 9th floor. He wasn't sure when they would meet up with us. Not sure if we were even doing the comedy show they had mentioned wanting to do. Seems there was some trouble in paradise. So since this gave us more time to go explore we decided to head over to the Fitz. But, before leaving we wanted to fill our cups with just ice water and the bartender looked at us strange and told us refills were only $3.00. Yes, but just want some ice water please.

This place (The Fitz) was happening. Lots and lots of people. We may stay here the next time we come to town. We ended up playing on the second floor and the machines were once again nice to, you guessed it, not me. Pretty disgusting to sit next to someone who keeps making their machine make noise while mine only takes the donation given. I had to move away. Call it poor sportsmanship, call it being too competitive on something that is random but I had, had enough. The next machine (Haywire) did a bit better for me but in the end I put it all back. We decided we wanted to come back later to have dinner at Limerick's for the $8.95 prime rib. Not sure what the drink service was like here. I think they came around but I was too mad at machine to pay attention.

We decided to get away from the machines for awhile and went souvenir shopping. After buying a few things we sat outside Harrah's people watching. What a great sport that is. I don't have to exert myself or close my eyes every time a ball is thrown my way. Yep, I could get a gold medal in people watching if it was an Olympic event. While sitting there it was decided that Tony would run back to the hotel to put the bags away. We have an awful history of losing things on trips so this was a smart idea. In one year we went through 3 cameras and once we lost a whole bag of souvenirs 3 hours before our flight. My other half would leave them in a cab, drop it, not notice someone take it when he was sitting at a machine etc....He is now no longer allowed to have the camera, not that he wants it because every time something happened to one he had to buy me a better one. Moving on...I was to stay sitting right there and wait because by this time my feet had swollen to where I had no ankle bones. I don't know if it is the altitude, the salt intake, the sitting on my bum more than I do at home or what but it is pretty dang uncomfortable. So I sat and watched more people and while sitting there the train came through. The lights are going off, the arm things are down and people are still crossing the tracks! It was an unbelievable sight. Now, I don't know about anyone else but I am never in that much of a hurry to cross the road. I was sure I was going to see something I didn't want to see. But everyone got across safe and sound.

Tony makes it back in under a half an hour and in different clothes. This amazes me as he is a very laid back type of person and he doesn't rush unless he is at work.

We figure since we are standing outside of Harrah's we might as well go in and check it out as we really like the one in Vegas. I know, I know, some of you on here can't stand Harrah's and if I had those things happen to me I wouldn't like them either. I really did enjoy playing there as the games I liked to play in Vegas were here. The downside they were multi-denomination too and 15-20 lines. Can someone please tell me what happened to the good old 5 and 9 line machines? We picked a couple of machines that were right at the entrance. I picked Turkey Shoot. I have to say I love that game. The bonus rounds make me laugh and since I am all about the entertain me factor this one was a perfect fit. I think we found a great place to sit because the waitresses practically hovered. I decided it had been a couple of hours since the margarita I could start up again. Tequila Sunrise please. The service was quick and friendly and we were happy. But we look out and see them starting to barricade off the road for the Cruz. We cash out (this is where the ticket idea comes in handy) and get across the street.

It is now dinner time. We head into Fitzgerald's and run into Carrie. She has just won $100 on a dollar machine after her second coin in! Dan was still at the hotel resting. But, the plan was to go to the comedy show at the Sands. We asked if she wanted to join us for dinner but she declined as they had had a very late lunch so we would just meet up with them at 7:30. We head on up to Limerick's on the third floor. I felt a little under dressed with shorts, flip flops and casual shirt on. This is a very nice restaurant. Luckily almost everyone was dressed like I was. We sat in the smoking section as I had overheard the hostess tell the people in front of us that was all they had available. So when she gets to us she asks if we want smoking or non. Smoking please. I think everyone had the same idea because for being a smoking section no one was. The service is superb, the food is amazing and the staff is very attentive. I actually felt guilty just ordering the special because I was taking tip money away from these people.

We walk back to our hotel and have about a half an hour before we need to meet up. Tony ran down and got our tickets. When you check into the Sands you get a buy one get one free coupon for the Comedy show. $14.95 for a couple to enjoy a show is a great deal. I am trying to remember the guy's name. His last name is Vallejo. The opener and Vallejo were actually pretty funny but our crowd was lame. We had one side of the room that never even cracked a smile. The comics pointed this out more than once And it was a very small crowd. Less than 50 people. I felt very bad for the comedians.

After the show it was on to find Dan and Carrie dinner. He wanted the Steak and Lobster special he saw but he couldn't remember where it was. We wandered for awhile to let him get his bearings on where it might be. Turns out it was in the Silver Legacy at the Sweetwater cafe. I think it was $15.95 for the meal, but I can't remember as I didn't order it. Tony and I stuck with dessert. They have an awesome lemon tart meringue (if you are like me and don't care for meringue it pops right off with no fuss) that they drizzle a little bit of raspberry sauce over. Yum Yum!

We walk back to the Sands so Dan and Carrie can go to bed. I wanted to stay out and people watch all the people cruising by. It was a mess and I can say I was glad I was an observer and not a participant. One guy was standing on the street corner on a cell phone trying to figure out where his buddies (whom were driving) were. This dude was messed up and his girlfriend was even worse. I was expecting her to fall over backwards into the street. This mini van pulls up about 2 car lengths past him and right in front of us, screaming at him to get in. He is still on the cell phone saying he doesn't see them. They jump out and grab him and he and his girlfriend are so happy that they finally found their friends. I figured that was probably the best show of the night so it was time to head in.

We bounced from machine to machine. Not really hitting anything but not losing too bad either. We tried some machines up by the lounge. They had a live band that was really good but the speaker system is too loud for that part of the casino. The drink service in this area was non existent. Tony hit a progressive on video poker but it was for the 4 of a kind I think. I don't know what exactly he hit, I do know it wasn't a royal flush it was something else. He was pretty excited about his $32.00

We tried to go to bed a little earlier as tomorrow is the trip into Virginia City. I am very much looking forward to this part of the trip. I wanted to get up really early and see Tahoe, Carson City and Virginia City all in one day but because Dan and Carrie had decided they would like to do some sightseeing too we thought it best to only go to Virginia City.

To be continued......
"Sometimes a sigh says it all." ~Eeyore
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