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Archive 58 (from Bay area)

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PostPosted: Jan Sun 01, 2006 10:48 am    Post subject: Archive 58 (from Bay area) Reply with quote

A buddy and I decide to head off to Reno. He's been before several times, and this is my premiere voyage. Being a Vegas junkie, I've never given much thought to Reno. Especially after the wife stayed at the Peppermill for a seminar about 6/7 years ago and had very little complimentaries to say about the hotel or the city.

We trek off in the 4x4 SUV at around 3pm from the Bay area, tank full of gas and really pumped about checking out the casino action, we were booked into the Atlantis for 1 night. Get stuck in Sacto rush hour traffic, and then it appears to be clear sailing....whoa nellie.... until we start getting close to the pass. While the weather is clear, we hit the wall....the wall of chain control hell. 5-10 mph for 10 miles. My friend has to empty his bladder, so I stop where people are putting chains on. He steps out and in 10000 watts of headlights, paints the snow....I start laughing out loud as I'm honking the horn, drawing even more attention, as I'm sure all the ladies and families got a clear image burned into their heads for at least 48 hrs.

Next, Several whiteouts. Then, A standstill in zero visibility.....30 mins later the biggest-baddest tow truck, passes us on the left. About 15 mins later, we start moving again....Yippeee!!! and shame on the retard for getting stuck in the snow driving too fast. Ok, look out people, get out of the fast lane....I got a casino to get too. I grew up in the NE, californians can't drive in the snow.

So we left at 3pm and we get to the Atlantis, a short and tidy 6 and a half hours later. <argghhh>. What the hell, we're at the hotel and we decide to eat at the sushi bar. Finally get seated at 9:40pm trying to decide whether to get the all-u-can-eat or a la carte. Being cheap, we get the all-u-can-eat thinking we can eat way more than to make up for the price differential. Good sushi, but big mistake. We ate wayyyy too much and now start paying the real price in our bloated bellies. Some really great rolls, however the fake crab was a little disappointing.

We check in. Big surprise for me. The tower rooms were a lot better than I expected. Really impressive. Nice bathrooms. Mind you not nearly as nice as the Bellagio, but pretty awesome for $40. Visions of a lot more visits to Reno wafted around in my head.

The customer service at checkin was great, really nice clerks who were helpful in every way.

At this point in the evening, it's snowing and snowing hard. We decide to head over to the Peppermill because my buddy mentions that the Peppermill is most like a "Vegas" casino. We drive over on the snow-covered roads, into the 8-in high snow-drift parking lot at the Pep. Nice big casino. Very dark inside, kinda weird and spooky and neat all at the same time.

One thing I notice right away about Reno is that casino staff and dealers are quite friendly. I sign up for a players card and hit the single deck blackjack. I start betting about $15 and up, had a few drinks and ended up being down about $50. The guy next to me was betting black and having a rough go of it. I start lightening up the mood at the table and had a great time.

It's about 2:00am and we head back to the Atlantis. I start playing craps and the dark side. Now before you snarl at me, the dark side has its advantages. When the table gets choppy, you can win a fair bit betting the dark side. I usally bet the Don't Come, so that I'm not in true opposition of the point. I also believe whether I'm betting the dark side or not, we are all trying to win against the house. Now tell that to the drunk guy at the end of the table. He starts swearing and cheering against me as we lose one out of 4 rolls, but he was drunk and I was winning (against the house). The dealers start telling him to lay off the expletives, but I'm just laughing because it's fun when people are excited. I'm betting between $25-$50. I'm up several hundred. The clock strikes 4am, and it's off to bed. My buddy had already made it up to the room at around 2:00am and is sawing wood in the room by this time.

Doh....8:00am...I wake up and feel tired but excited. I look outside and it is just coming down heavy, it's a blizzard outside. My first thought is how the heck are we going to get home tonight. Our plan was to bet on college football all day and then head out back home over the pass. I realize that ain't happening and begin making several phone calls and checking with the front desk. They say they have a snowed-in rate and we reserve a room.

Not sure my friend was keen on it, as his wife's exasperation was growing that she would be taking care of 3 kids on her own for 1 more night. I tell him "Whatcha gonna do, not much we can do, let's just make the most of it, buck up and lets party". At this point, I'm feeling pretty good. Stuck in Reno, it's snowing like a white spray paint party outside, and I've got money in my pocket and a casino all around me. When have you ever been snowed in and been so happy before? Only here in Reno.

I win my first football bet as I'm playing blackjack with another friendly dealer. I then wander around and notice 3-card poker. Ok, I'm a huge house advantage player....I only like playing craps and blackjack. Low house advantage. In all my playing days , I have always pulled back during losing streaks and pressed during good runs. Anyway, the dealer
at 3-card is alone. I ask her how to play the game, and she is kind enough to entice (entrap?) me into playing. So I check change for $200, and off we go.

I start off with $5/$5 bets. It's kinda fun because I don't have to think about it after she tells me what hands to play. The other thought I have, is what is the damn house advantage on this game? Is it like roulette?. like bad slots? could it be as bad as keno?.....Damn it, I'm having fun and I keep playing. Ok, not bad for my first time.

Here's something weird. The dealer gets 3-of a kind, all 9s. Very next hand, she gets the same hand 3-of-a-kind, all 9s. She starts talking about the odds, the improbability and telling everyone about her luck. I guess I need to leave if she is getting all the luck.

I'm about even, win a little, give a little. I ask the floorperson if I have anything on my players card I can redeem. Now in Vegas, you need to bet at least $25 a hand for 4 hrs to get a meal. I thought, nahh, how could Reno be that different. Well, the floorperson comes back and says I have plenty for a free meal anywhere......We have a winner, I'm
starting to like this city!!!!

I eat lunch and then bet a few more football games. I head back over to 3-card and there are 4 people playing. I sit down and within 4 hands, I hit a 3 of a kind. Alright, now that's awesome but I only have $5 down in the pair-plus spot. Damn, good money but could've been better. The lady at 1st base has max bet down $50 in pair plus. About 3 deals later, she hits the 3 of a kind...yippee!!! They stop the game to allow the floorperson a chance to watch all the pink chips being paid out. Well, I took my cue and started betting $15 on pair plus. Don'cha know it, about 6 hands later, I get dealt a straight flush. Yahhh!!!.....the black chips are paid out. What a great efffing game, house advantage, schmouse advantage, this game rocks!!!!! Don't you know it, about 5 deals later, the lady at 1st base hits a straight-flush. She's betting max $50 on pair plus, and more pink ladies are paid out.

To make a long story short, I play more blackjack, craps and 3-card poker. I eat like a king on the house and I'm drunker than a skunk. What a friggin' great 2 night stay in Reno. We head back to the pass leaving at 8:00am and get home by 1:00pm after stopping at Boomtown due to the lineup up the pass. I'm up quite a bit, didn't pay a cent for
food/drink.......Thank you Atlantis, for making my first stay in Reno so fine.

I have a trip planned in 2 weeks and a trip in March. I'll be staying at the Pep and the Atlantis. Thanks to this board and everyone for giving me great reading material to research.
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